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Great Recipes with Magic Bullet
Chase away the chills with this tantalizing coffee treat. A perfect way to ring in the Holidays.

fresh hot coffee
3-4 Tbs chocolate syrup (or cocoa powder)
1-2 peppermint candies
1-2 tsp sugar (optional)
Start by ... grinding your own dark roasted beans using the Flat Blade. The finer the grind the stronger the coffee, so blend into a coarse sand texture for lighter brews or a fine powder for strong coffee.

Then ... Brew a pot of coffee.

Now ... Fill 1/4 of the Tall Cupwith milk and the peppermint candy blend with the Cross Blade for about 7 seconds.

And... Microwave the milk on high for 35-45 seconds (be careful not to let the milk foam up out of the cup...stop it before it hits the top of the cup).

Next ... Open the cup and add the chocolate syrup, then fill the Tall Cup just about to the top with coffee and Pulse 3 or 4 times.

And ... Pour into cups and serve.
Serving Suggestion
This recipe serves 2, double or triple the ingredients (and use the Blender Attachment) for more servings.