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Magic Bullet Fat Burning Boost

The Magic Bullet® Fat Burning Boost is a triple action formula that contains Super CitriMax®, an all-natural weight loss ingredient that has been clinically shown to help increase fat burning, curb appetite and decrease fat storage. The second key ingredient, ChromeMate® chromium, helps balance blood sugar levels, boosting the metabolism into its optimum fat burning zone. And finally, a potent B-vitamin complex, essential for helping boost energy levels naturally.

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New studies show that clinical strength doses of Super CitriMax® actually increase fat burning, which is essential for weight loss, because when carbohydrates are not utilized for energy, they are converted into fat and stored in the body. Super Citrimax® inhibits this conversion of carbohydrates into fat and promotes an increase of stored energy in the body. This process also sends messages to the brain to turn off hunger signals.

Studies have shown that a combination of Super Citrimax® and ChromeMate® chromium are more effective when they are used together. The combination of the 3 key ingredients in this formula get your body into a fat burning zone that actually allows you to lose weight up to 3X faster than diet and exercise alone.

This remarkable formula is free of stimulants such as caffeine. The Fat Burning Bullet Boost will gently accelerate your body's natural fat burning processes. It helps to:

  • Burn fat faster!
  • Curb your appetite!
  • Boost energy levels!

How To Get The Fat Burning Boost

For our limited introductory offer we are going to include a FREE* 1-month supply of the specially designed Fat Burning Bullet Boost. That's nearly a 30 dollar value - FREE!* All you pay is the $7.99 shipping and handling.

Fat Burning Boost
* By ordering this free, 30-day supply today, you will be automatically enrolled in our convenient auto-ship program at no additional charge. For your convenience, we'll include a two month supply today, and then every 60 days we'll send you a fresh supply at 40% off, or just $29.99 a month, plus $7.99 S&H every other month, which will be billed to the account you are using today. Remember that the first month supply is free, so try it for a month and if it doesn't dramatically accelerate your weight loss results 3 times faster simply send the second box back and you won't be charged for either month.

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