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Magic Bullet Related Products

Deluxe Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Magic Bullet! You can save even more time and trouble in the kitchen with the Magic Bullet Deluxe package, which includes 2 additional Tall Bullet Cups and 1 additional Short Bullet Cup, plus 3 more Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lids.

Using the Magic Bullet in our own homes we've found these extra Bullet Cups and Lids come in very handy when the others are being used to store leftovers in the fridge. Plus, you also get 1 extra Cross Blade. And since this is the blade you'll use the most, it's nice to have an extra one around when the other is in the dishwasher. If you have a family at home, the Magic Bullet Deluxe is a must! Upgrade your Magic Bullet today for just one payment of $29.97 (plus $6.99 shipping and handling).


The Magic Bullet Party Pack

If you're going to be making smoothies or frozen drinks in your Magic Bullet, you can't have enough of these self-blending Party Mugs. And believe us, they are THE hit at any party (your friends will "ooh" and "aah"). So right now we are offering a 6 pack of additional Party Mugs - including the multi-colored comfort rings - for just an additional $23.97 (plus $6.99 shipping and handling)

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Magic Bullet Party Pack

101 Recipes Cookbook

Now you can have 101 more lip-smacking, couldn't-be-easier Magic Bullet recipes. From spicy hot chicken wings to velvety chocolate cream pie ? there are over one hundred and thirty pages of mouth-watering recipes done in seconds. Plus as a bonus, it includes step-by-step instructions for three fabulous Magic Bullet Instant Parties, including a kid's birthday party complete with themes and activities. For a limited time we are offering all Homeland Housewares customers a full $10 off the cover price - that's just $14.97 (plus $2.99 shipping and handling). So order today and save!

Order the 101 mouth watering recipes!

101 Magic Bullet Recipes!

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